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Удаленный помощник руководителя защитит тебя от рутины [03 Dec 2018|10:25pm]

Сколько времени занимает найти дешевую страховку, хороший авиабилет, нотариуса, который работает в нужные часы, и расположен неподалеку? А сколько времени это может занять, если ты находишься в командировке? Иногда приходится тратить 2–3 часа чтобы спланировать себе поездку, общение со страховыми компаниями и подсчет месячного платежа может занять пару дней, если хочешь сэкономить. Поиск и сортировка информации отнимает много времени, особенно если нужно перебрать сотни вариантов. 

Выход — тебе необходим удаленный помощник руководителя, который возьмет на себя самые трудоемкие обязанности. Если ты можешь что-то перепоручить — делай это не откладывая.

Экономия времени может превратиться в стиль жизни. Потенциал роста человека и бизнеса зависит от того, как легко можно делегировать проверенные методики и задачи. С каждым разом, постановка задачи будет занимать все меньше и меньше времени. На некоторые вопросы, ассистент найдет ответы сам, и примет решение.

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HTML email templates that will save you a lot of time [30 Nov 2018|11:17am]

Try to remember how log it takes to launch an email campaign on average? Let me guess! First of all, your designer will spend a week going back and forth with you and your team to get it right. Then developer will take care of the HTML layout, and it's going to be 1-2 more days. After testing in 7-12 email clients you'll still get some issues with fonts / pics / aligning / responsiveness. Trust me, there is no reason to spend 1-2 weeks on things like this. 

Mailto is a bundle of pre-designed HTML email templates that are ready to go. You can use it with MailChimp or SendGrid. It's been tested on 50+ email clients, so it's going to appear properly in your customer's inbox.

Don't waste time on things that has been taken care of! Insert your copy and images, paste the code to MailChimp, and get it done in less than an hour.

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Dedicated Virtual Assistants for Small Teams, Entrepreneurs and Professionals [29 Nov 2018|09:05am]

Tired doesn't mean reach! You don't need to do complete every single boring task from your to-do list to become successful. Try to spot the most time-consuming tasks and find someone to whom you can delegate this work. 

Donetown is a virtual personal assistant — service provided on demand. It's a real person that could help you with research, social media management, data entry and processing, simple bookkeeping, travel arrangements, scheduling, lead generation and other business tasks to carry out.

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What's so special about Moosetank Digital Agency? [28 Nov 2018|06:47pm]

Moosetank is a digital agency that helps startups develop their first project, the MVP (minimum viable product) of their product (web platforms, web applications, automation systems — mostly b2b solutions).

Our typical client is a company or a person with a business idea who does not know how to turn his idea into a product.

For example, our client wants to automate a business process and start making money on it, but he doesn’t have enough knowledge, experience, or technical background to implement his idea on his own.

We help with prototyping, planning the launch of the first version of the product or platform, we think on behalf of the client about money-saving technologies, existing solutions to apply, and how to successfully combine them, so that the client can get a steady version of the product from which he can immediately start gaining revenue.

In the future, the client may hire his own team for a full-time job, but at the beginning stage it seems to be an unnecessary risk.

Moosetank is often hired to define business logic with payments and services, convert this logic into MVP, and perform the software maintenance.In the US, there are many digital agencies that help start-ups with MVP, etc.

How is Moosetank different from them?

The strength of a large market is that you don’t need to think hard about being unique. This thought stops so many start-up entrepreneurs from simply being good at their work.

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